Radley and Co. Ltd.

Radley Holloway

Love vintage accessories? Like the utility look? Now you can combine both in one bag. Genius!

The Radley Holloway range of bags is all about modern classics with a strong utility feel. These are bags that take retro styling and bring it bang up to date with modern materials, detailing and colours.

The medium across body bag comes in the satchel style that’s taken the accessories world by storm. Love the satchel but need a larger bag? Try the large hobo shoulder style for size and get the best of both worlds. It’s bigger but still has the vintage satchel look and feel with buckled front and side pockets. Finally, we have the large flapover shoulder bag which has a looser and wider look with two buckled pockets on the front.

All of the Radley Holloway bags are available in rich brown and tan – colours that never go out of style. Crafted from high quality textured leather, they look gorgeous and stand the test of time too. What more could a gal possibly want?

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